Monument Gallery
1. Apex
2. Book
3. Canopy
4. Complicated
5. Cross
6. Diamond
7. Heart
8. Kerbset
9. with flower bed
10. Ogee
11. Other shape
12. Oval monument
13. Wing
14. Russian Monument
1. Simple fireplace
2. Flower Carved
3. Statue Carved
4. Duble-deck fireplace
Kitchen & Bathroom
1. Marble Bathtub
2. Granite Countertop
3. Vanity top
4. Sink
Culture Stone
1. Flooring Tiles
2. Roofing Tiles
3. Quartzite
4. Mushroom stone
5. Mosaic Pattern
6. Cobblestone & River Stone
Home - Our Advantages
1.Quality & Price
Having been in stone field for 15 years and gained many good commonts because of our high quality and reasonable price.The workers in our factories have professional processing experience who are familar with all kinds of processing styles both in the East and West.Owning quarries,factories,convenient transportation conditions make our prices have more advantages than any other companies.
2.Natural Resources
We are located in Hebei Provience.Its surrounding areas enjoy high reputations for abundant resources.It is the main original place of black granite.The local also famous for evergreen,Hebei red and other colors of natural stones.We have many cooperated quarries in China.The abundant resources and storage of raw materials will meet clients¡¯different order requirements.
We are a comprehensive stone factory with many years of management.The experienced sales professionals will offer you everything you desire to know.We are willing to provide our clients with all round,quality services from processing,inspecting,packing,to transportation.